Microstick Plus USB

Microstick Plus USB board allows you to learn and understand the solutions provided by USB communication, and the quick and easy software development which based on USB.

Microstick Plus USB is a peripheral panel. The panel contains three different type of USB connectors: USB Host A , USB Mini B and USB Micro AB. Power supply circuit of USB periphery is the integral part of the panel. It manages the power needed by the USB Host A and USB Micro AB port and protects it against over current problems. In additionally the panel contains configuration switches, status LEDs to display the state of the electronics and a push button.

Microstick Plus USB peripheral panel connects to the Microstick II Development board produced by Microchip Technology Inc. . Using Microstick II Development board with Microstick Plus USB you can develop and test your software on 28 pin microcontrollers with inbuilt USB peripherals from 16 bit architecture PIC24F family and the 32 bit architecture PIC32MX2 microcontroller family.

Microstick Plus USB allows you to develop software based on USB Device, USB Host and USB On-The-Go communication. The software controlled over current protection, always provides a safety way to try your software even in extreme conditions.

Microstick Plus USB peripheral panel can be used alone with the Microstick II or can be connected to the original Microstick Plus developer panel. The Microstick Plus USB peripheral panel can be connect to a breadboard with pin header.

The Microstick Plus USB board contains:

  • USB Mini B connector  - for device communication.
  • USB Host A connector - for master (Host) communication.
  • USB Micro AB connector - for On-The-Go (OTG) communication.
  • 1 user push button
  • 2 software controlled user LED
  • 8 MHz quartz crystal
  • 2 configuration switch
  • USB over current protection IC (MIC2005A-1YM5) with output enable input pin and over current output pin

  Microstick Plus USB Development Board:
You can order the Microstick Plus USB Development Board by:

ChipCAD Kft.

The Microstick Plus USB package contains:
  • Microstick Plus USB development board
  • 1 pin dual-female jumper wire to supply original Microstick Plus board from Microstick Plus USB board
  • Mini B USB cable to connect Microstick Plus USB board to computer across Mini B USB connector.

Documentations and code examples: